Friday, July 5, 2013

Always Striving (or "Comments Are Welcome")

This week marked a milestone in the history of Hunt to Read. We had a “soft deadline” of getting the first build of the site up-and-running by Wednesday.

Because of Rick’s efforts and determination, we celebrated the launch of the site Tuesday night.

It was an exciting moment, a great moment, for both of us. Rick’s been so hard at work building the site that I told him to take a few days to rest and recoup this past week.

Guess who was back, hard at work as ever, on Wednesday?

It’s great to work with someone who’s so passionate and committed to making the site better. We’ve been processing all of the feedback our writers have left through various channels, and we continue to tweak the site and make improvements.

Late yesterday night, Rick pushed another update onto the site. Since Tuesday, we’ve already added the following functionality:

-The ability to “Like” book pages on facebook

-The option to tweet about book detail pages directly from the book page

-Fixed a beguiling “genre skipping” bug on the book input page for Chrome that was annoying the heck out of a lot of people

-Improved the home page so that it looks cooler

-Put the last four blog posts right on the bottom of the homepage. In these posts, I’ll continue to point out new features on the site, ways to analyze analytics, and basically just how we’re making the book discovery process simultaneously more entertaining and efficient, while providing authors with valuable, anonymous data that can help them improve their offerings.

And that’s just what we can talk about! Additionally, behind the scenes we continue to work on:

-New ways to “Hunt” books

-New analytics to help authors determine what can be improved on their titles

-Exciting new improvements for registered readers who browse books

In addition to all of these, we’re hard at work on making Hunt to Read more of a community. We know our readers and hunters love books, so we’re always working on little wrinkles and ways to make the process even more fun and exciting.

To continue making the site better, though, we need your feedback. E-mail us at if you have any ideas to improve the site, or if you encounter any problems while using it. We’ll take a look and see if we can’t implement the fix in a future release.

Last but not least, thank you so much for already being a part of the site! Whether you’ve listed a half-dozen books, or just enjoy browsing our selections, we’re already starting to build up our library and draw the attention of folks looking for hidden gems. Thank you for joining us during this exciting new period; now it’s our jobs to keep improving the user experience to make the site the best book discovery and analytics site on the internet.

Very excited about what we have coming up over the next couple of weeks--back to the Hunt!


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