Friday, July 5, 2013

Read What You Hunt

Welcome to Hunt to Read! Thanks for stopping by—we're happy to have you here.

Here at Hunt to Read, we seek to match adventurous, voracious readers with books chosen through our innovative interface. Books from major publishers and independent authors alike are here for your perusal so that you can potentially find that next hidden (or not-so-hidden) gem.

Hunt to Read is the online embodiment of the bookstores of our youths. When I was younger, my Dad would frequently drag my brother and I along on errands every Saturday morning, without fail. A lot of the places we went—the dry cleaners, the oil change place, the supermarket—were, quite frankly, horribly boring.

You have to remember, we were kids. We didn't really have any money to spend at a lot of these places.

Every few weeks, though, Dad would take us to the bookstore and would allow us each to purchase a book or two. We were in heaven! I'd roam the shelves looking for the next great baseball book or Star Trek novel, each panel a chance to find a new treasure that I could tear into.

Because we had limited funds, sometimes the decisions were agonizing. And I mean really tough. "Which Next Generation novel should I get? I loved the episode 'Relics,' but that mirror universe book looks too good to pass up!"

We had to make judgments, at times very quickly, about which book we would buy based on a very limited set of information: the cover, the blurb, maybe thumb through a couple of pages.

What made these excursions so fascinating was the serendipity of finding a new author or series in our occasional "hunts" through the stacks, like when I picked up Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles because it was in my usual stomping grounds: the sci-fi section.

That's really what HTR is about: you pick your "hunting ground" of a genre, and look through our selection of books for something that piques your interest. You then can check out that book's blurb and see where you can buy it.

It's a simple idea, really, but one that has taken a lot of time and effort to get off the ground. Rick and I are absolutely dedicated to delivering the best experience for readers on the internet: if there's any way that we can make things easier on you or a feature that would spruce up the site, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at We envision this site as a true partnership between ourselves and our readers—without you folks, this would be impossible.

So please, by all means, come on in, click the big blue button, and find your next great book.
In other words, "read what you hunt."

D.J. Gelner is the CEO of Hunt to Read. He's also an author, sports writer, and radio personality in St. Louis, MO. E-mail him at

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