Thursday, August 22, 2013

For Readers' Eyes Only: What Does Your Ideal Bookstore Look Like?

One of our goals at Hunt to Read is to replicate the experience of browsing through a physical bookstore for hidden gems of books for the digital age.

It got me thinking: what would your ideal bookstore look like? 

Mine has certainly changed through the years. When I was younger, I loved running around from shelf to shelf, looking for the next sci-fi novel I would devour. So the ideal bookstore of my childhood would have just shelves and shelves of sci-fi books, arranged in a maze (I loved mazes when I was a kid--don't know why to this day).

Now, though, as an adult, I would add a bunch of non-fiction sections to that store, along with sections devoted to my favorite authors and authors that are deemed to be similar to them, preferably by fans of that writer.
Your ideal bookstore might be something different entirely; maybe you prefer that it have a large café so that you could socialize with fellow booklovers. Maybe you prefer the smell of old school mahogany shelves lined with hardbacks, thumbing through the coarse-grained paper and savoring every word as your eyes inhale them.

Or maybe you've gone the other way entirely and your answer is as simple as "Amazon." Nothing wrong with that, but feel free to opine on what they could do better, too!
So go nuts! Let us know what your ideal bookstore would have, what it wouldn't have, and everything in between. Who knows--we might even be able to add whatever you throw out there to HTR in a future update.

Let us know in the comments. Happy Hunting!


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