Friday, September 13, 2013

Help Wanted: Hunt to Read Authors for Spotlights and Guest Posts

Amazingly enough, we've been operating this blog for over a month now!

It's been great to see our readership steadily grow over that period of time, in large part thanks to our two most successful series, "Free Featured Fiction" and "Know Your Hunt to Read Authors."

There's no "KYHTRA" this week due to a tech snafu, but we only have one more scheduled and then it's wide open for the foreseeable future. "Know Your Hunt to Read Authors" is open to anyone with a book listed on our site on a first come, first serve basis, and has proven to be a great way to connect with readers and other writers on the site. If you're interested, send me an email at with:

1) Your HTR User Name
2) Book(s) on HTR you want featured
3) 3-5 "cool facts" about yourself (I use these to develop some of the questions)
4) Subject line: "Author Spotlight"

That's it--I send you some fun questions, we laugh, hopefully we don't cry...unless it's from laughing too know what I mean! Everyone who has done it so far (I think) enjoyed it--feel free to let other folks know I don't bite/libel/rave madly at the full moon like a lunatic in the comments.

Also, I want to institute a guest post feature for those so inclined. Anyone who's a registered Hunt to Read user (hey, it's free!) is eligible. I'd like to get enough submissions to the point that we can make it a weekly thing, but for now, it'll occupy one of the rotating cast of Monday-Tuesday topics whenever we get one. Basically, write a pitch or column about books, writing, the publishing industry--basically anything having to do with the written word. Send it to, subject line "Guest Post."

If accepted (and I guarantee you, we won't be picky at the start), we'll promote your post, I'll add a bit of commentary at the end, and (most importantly) we'll point folks toward your books on HTR, as well as whatever website(s) you want to plug. Again, it's win-win.

To recap:

-We need Author Spotlights!


-We're now accepting Guest Posts!
Thanks everyone, and Happy Hunting!

D.J. Gelner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hunt to Read. Check out his books on his Hunt to Read Profile. Contact him directly at

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