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Know Your Hunt to Read Authors: Stacy Eaton

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It is! Have to love those short weeks. Thankfully, we have another exciting edition of Know Your Hunt to Read Authors.

This week, it's Stacy Eaton, who has a unique background to be sure (more on that in a minute). Check out Stacy's books on Hunt to Read:

Garda: Welcome to the Realm

Whether I'll Live orDie

I caught up with Stacy to discuss her exciting day job as a police officer, her ridiculous pace as a writer, and a particularly tense situation she encountered that we can now all laugh at. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to be on Know Your Hunt to Read Authors, Stacy! Who would've thought we would have an honest-to-goodness cop as one of our authors? What's that like?

What, being a cop? It’s a pain in the butt! Lol… Actually, I love it. It’s stressful and demanding and constantly keeps me on my toes, and everything else in my life out of whack! 

I’ve been in law enforcement for just over 13 years and the last year I have done primarily criminal investigations, two of which were homicides. I love what I do, love to put all the pieces together into the puzzle and then I love to take the bad guy or girl away in my silver bracelets and stand beside the victim to get the justice they deserve.

Oh and thank you DJ for inviting me to come visit with the folks at Hunt to Read! I’m excited to be here!

We're happy to have you! How has being a police investigator influenced your writing?

Well, all of my books are written in the law enforcement world. I believe that authors should write what they love and know about, and my career is just that.  I know that when I do that, write what I know and love, I make it more authentic.

I have been told by readers countless times how much they love to read the pages in my books that dig into the crime scene processing, or the view of a crime scene because it is so detailed.

Besides writing what I know and love, I also have countless stories of things that I have seen or dealt with over the years that I can weave into my writings.

Any particularly tense moments or thrilling stories you can share from being on the force?

Lol…Tense moments, sure. There was this one, my partner and I were checking a house for a burglary. The person that called it in had seen someone climb into a window of a dark house.  Now let me describe the scene here.

It’s around 2 in the morning, the moon is not out, but the sky is crystal clear, and it’s freezing outside. The ground is covered in snow, but during the day, it had warmed up enough that there is now a small layer of ice over the snow.

My partner and I black out our cars and pull up to the house. We slide out carefully, watching the house in question. Our radios are on, but turned down really low on our belts, there are no other lights on inside the houses around us.  We walk towards to suspected crime scene and hedge around the garage to the back of the house.

We are going really slowly because we have to watch our steps. Sometimes we step and crunch through the ice and snow layer, sometimes we slip on it. We both keep our firearms holstered because we don’t want to slip and fall and fire by accident.

We move around the back of the house, bending over to keep our heads down. We get to this one window, it’s over my head, but my partner is tall enough to see in. I slip past him and move to the corner of the house.  I’m just stepping around the corner of the house when I hear my partner scream and I spin around.

My partner is pin wheeling is arms, his feet sliding out from under him down a small slope and right towards me. I grab onto him as he crashes into me and we both keep sliding and finally fall into the snow a few feet away.  At the same time, my partner is laughing but trying to get up saying something about a face.

We both finally get off the ground and he manages to tell me that he was under the windowsill and slowly moving up to look in the window. He said at the exact time that he had sight on the room, a face did the exact same thing on the other side of the window from the inside. He tried to duck and slipped on the ice crashing into me.

We did find out that the person inside was the owner, who had lost his keys at a party and broke into his own house to avoid calling a lock smith.  The guy had heard us outside walking around and was about to call the police when he peeked out and scared my partner. Needless to say – a very stressful, tense moment ended with laughter that has lasted for years.

That's wild--funny how that happens! On a somewhat less tense note, when did you start writing? Who are some of your earliest writing influences?

Whew…. I don’t get influenced easily… it’s part of the job, lol…  Let’s see… I started writing in Oct 2010 and published my first book, My Blood Runs Blue, in April 2011.  Then I started my second book, Blue Blood for Life, right after the first one was published and that one was published in August 2011. Around that time I met Melissa Foster and a group of authors that soon became my core group of writing friends.

Melissa helped to keep my energy going in those first few months of being a new author. She gave me ideas on things to do to gain interest, and how not to be upset about not seeing good sales, but pushing harder to find someplace that you belonged.

I don’t really see her as a writing influence, more as a marketing and planning and publishing influence. I think the only thing that influences my writing is my mind that doesn’t stop thinking.

Believe it or not, until a few nights ago, I hadn't seen Fargo. Great movie, absolutely loved it. I bring it up because Whether I'll Live or Die sounds like it shares some of the same elements--tell us a bit about it.

Ahh… the elements of WILoD…  This story is intense and emotional. It is not a happy story and doesn’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling of love happily ever after. This is a story about violence. It is about a woman who is abused in different ways from her young adulthood into her womanhood.  A woman who hasn’t figured out who she is, but wants to be loved, and finds it in all the wrong places. That’s Amanda.  In WILoD, you will follow Amanda through a few years of her life and you will feel first-hand, the pain, the anguish, the confusion and the guilt that a victim of domestic violence feels.

You also get to meet Nicole. She’s a police officer that has to deal with the other side of the violent problem. Somewhere along the lines the paths collide.

This book brings anger, tears, joy and pain to the reader. It will leave some people raw, it will make others angry, but in the end, it will give you a sense of what it feels like to be a victim, and it will show you what your options are if you find yourself in that situation.

Your other book, Garda, has an interesting premise. When I hear "paranormal romance," I think Ghost, but Garda seems to be a lot cooler to me. Where did you come up with the idea? Can you tell us anything about it?

Okay – so some people might think Angels are Ghosts, but I think my angels are way cooler!  Garda actually means, Guardian in Irish.  The Irish Police are called Garda Síochána, or Guard of the Peace. Being a police officer and writing about angels, I thought Garda was the perfect name. It’s also the name of my three year old Shiloh Sheperd.
Garda is again set into the world of law enforcement. You will meet Mitch, Brock  and Corey, and a few other special characters. There is a large element of romance to this one, but there is suspense and intrigue to find out what the connections are between the characters and what being a “Garda” is. There will be love, there will be death. An intense accident scene and an emotional funeral will bring tears to many.  When the Garda returns to watch over their charge, emotions get out of control, and decisions must be made that could change the fate of all involved.

In the end, yes, there is a happily ever after.

Have you "mentally cast" Whether I Live or Die or Garda? Any actors/actresses who you'd love to have in the big screen adaptations? Where would you want them filmed?

Whoa… That’s a tough question and I’m not sure if I have an answer to who I would want to act the parts in either of those.  I guess I have never really thought about it, because I can’t imagine something as awesome as that happening, lol…

I would say that if Garda was filmed, I’d love for it to be filmed around where I work in Southeaster, PA. That way it was in the same setting that I used for the story.

Aside from writing, what are some of your favorite things to do? Do you seek artistic satisfaction in other avenues, as well?

Well, I love music, so I always have that playing. My tastes vary on what I’m doing at the time. I could listen to hard rock, or classical depending on my mood. In regards to artistic things, I make jewelry.  I don’t have much time to do that anymore, but I do have a studio in my home and lots of supplies.

I also love photography. The ability to capture a moment in time and bring beauty to a scene that others might not have seen is one of my favorite things to do. Many years ago, I even had my own dark room and did all my own processing of black and white photographs.

With all of that going on, I'm amazed at the amount of works you have in the pipeline! Tell us a little about those.

Whew… How long do you have?  I’ll give you a shortened version of my “To Do List”: Right now I have two books with my editors. One is called Liveon, it’s a contemporary Romance with a little bit of suspense. The other one is Second Shield, again a Romance and a bit on the spicy side. I’m hoping to have both of these out by January 2014.

Then there is the 3rd and 4th book of the My Blood Runs Blue Series, Mixing the Blue Blood and Blue Blood Final Destiny. I also have another Domestic Violence novel called You’re Not Alone that is about half way done, with plans on writing a young adult dating violence one when I finish that one. Plus, I am currently writing Second Shield II. And if that wasn’t enough, I have two more books that deal with alcohol and drug addiction that are in the works.

I think that’s it, but that should be more than enough, don’t you think?

Haha--absolutely! Rapid fire time! Place you most want to visit before you die?

Mac or PC? 
Absolutely PC – or my tablet or my Netbook !

"If I had a billion dollars, I would...?"
Have a whole lot of relatives and friends coming out of the wood work!

Favorite novel and/or movie of all time?
Toss up… City of Angels and Patch Adams!

Cake or pie?
Cake…. No wait pie… Screw it – give me one of each!

Thanks Stacy! And be sure to check out Stacy's books, Whether I Live or Die and Garda:Welcome to the Realm, both on Hunt to Read; I'm sure Stacy would appreciate your honest feedback. Also, here's a link to her HTR profile so that you can check out her other stories, and feel free to stop by and see her stuff at the following places:


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Happy Hunting!

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