Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Back! What's New? A LOT (soon, at least)!

Thanks to everyone for being so patient--you probably noticed we took a couple of weeks off from the blog. It was a combination of a lot of things--working on behind-the-scenes stuff, personal stuff, a few writing deadlines on other projects--but we're back!

Before I got back to a more regular schedule, I wanted to make a few announcements:

-First, we'll be changing to a 2-3 posts/week schedule going forward. In all honesty, not all of the categories of posts were finding their audience; it sure seems like "Free Featured Fiction," "For Readers' Eyes Only" and "Know Your Hunt to Read Authors" are by far the most popular, so we'll concentrate on those categories for the most part. Wednesday will still be "Free Featured Fiction," and Friday will still be "KYHTRA." Monday will be a bit of a grab bag, with everything from site updates to "For Readers' Eyes Only" to "So You Want to Write a Book" or "The Open Savannah," or guest posts as we receive them.

-Speaking of guest posts, there's currently no line for them. I'd like to take credit for getting good friend of HTR Bruce Fottler's post featured on The Passive Voice, but I think all of that credit rightfully goes to Bruce for writing such an insightful, helpful post. If you have an idea, we're generally happy to host you.

-Rick and the tech team have been hard at work prepping HTR Release 3. The "big feature" in this release is the much-ballyhooed (drumroll please)...



(still drumming)...



Yes, that's right--start using all of those HTR points you've been hoarding like powdered milk to unlock honest-to-goodness eBooks!


We'll have more details in the coming days.

Just know, we DO appreciate your patience. We know that the one thing that readers want more than anything else are new stories. "Free Featured Fiction" is one way that we strive to provide just that.

But we also know that while browsing covers and blurbs, and telling us what you think can be fun, it also takes some time. In exchange for all of your effort, which, believe me, is much appreciated by our authors and publishers, we want to provide you with a cache of new, longer reading material as our way of saying thank you.

It's not quite ready for rollout just yet--we're still testing it to make sure it meets our lofty standard of quality.

Know that we're hard at work, and striving to make sure the program is all that it can be.

But enough about us--what have you been up to lately? Reading anything exciting? Writing something new?

On my end, I've been reading through Hugh Howey's Dust, slowly but surely, as well as HTR Author Tom Lucas's book, Leather to the Corinthians.

Writing wise, I've been working on a bunch of things--a couple of short stories, the sequel to Jesus Was a Time Traveler, some freelance projects--a lot of different irons in the fire, for sure. Hey, it keeps things exciting on my end!

Anything new/cool going on with you all? Let us know in the comments.

As always, Happy Hunting!

D.J. Gelner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hunt to Read. Check out his books on his Hunt to Read Profile. Contact him directly at

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