Author Spotlight Submissions

Every Friday, Hunt to Read is proud to feature an independent or trade-published author in our Know Your Hunt to Read Authors series. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will link to your listings on Hunt to Read.

Don't have any listings yet? It's free and easy; check out our Technical FAQ for a step-by-step guide to both create a free account and list your book.

If you want to get in the queue, just email with:

1) Your HTR username

2) The Book(s) you want featured
3) 3-5 cool facts about yourself
4) The subject line: "Author Series."

It's a chance for readers to get a flavor for a writer's style, humor, and personality, and a way for our writers to get their names out there a bit more; if nothing else, you should get some valuable feedback on your book presentation the day that you're featured.

If you want to see the types of spotlights we've done in the past, check out some of the interviews already up on the site HERE. Authors have already reported an increase in analytics after being featured, and at least one got a sale or two directly from being featured.

Again, first-come, first-served, follow the guidelines above, and you can be featured on the Hunt to Read blog. Sounds good? Great!

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