Free Featured Fiction Submissions

Hunt to Read is happy to offer HTR authors the opportunity to post short fiction for free on our blog most Wednesdays.

Some writers dislike the idea of "free;" their argument is that if a writer values her work, she should always get paid for it.

Here at Hunt to Read, we're more of the mindset that a popular writer will never starve. Displaying a story for free can get you valuable reads that can lead folks to buy your other works if they like what they see. It's an old business concept called a "loss leader": give something away for free, and if people like it, they'll buy more.

Let's be clear: WE DO NOT WANT ANY OWNERSHIP IN YOUR WORK! Whatever you own in terms of copyright remains yours--sell or otherwise give away your work however you see fit. All we want is a worldwide, non-exclusive electronic license to display your work on the Hunt to Read blog for free. We're happy to work with authors who wish to submit these stories to magazines to post/unpost stories depending on the rights that magazines ask for if the story is accepted for publication. This feature is purely to promote your work, and (hopefully) drive sales of your other stuff.

Still interested? Great! Here's how the process goes:

1) Email, Subject Line: "Free Fiction Submission" Include your HTR user name and books you have listed on the site.

2) Please email your file in .doc,.docx, or Scrivener format; we need to be able to reformat them to fit our blogging client. As much as folks like Open Office, files submitted only in .odt won't be read.

3) If you have a cover for the story, include that as well (but it's optional--stories with covers won't be treated any differently than those without).

4) We'll let you know if/when we can run your story.

Hunt to Read reserves the right not to run a story for any reason, though especially here in the early going, your chances of acceptance are pretty good! If we don't get any submissions, D.J. will just keep running his stories until his fingers fall off from typing too much.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thanks everyone, and Happy Hunting!

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